Panduan Packing pada Ransel agar Traveling Nyaman dan Aman

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Panduan Packing pada Ransel agar Traveling Nyaman dan Aman image

So, earlier today we found a really good illustrative guide for packing your backpack from Field&Stream.

We're pretty sure that most of you have already heard about this but hey, sharing is caring, right?

Urutan disebutkan dari bawah ke atas.
Terbawah :
Sleeping bag, Selimut, Tenda, dan semacamnya.

Bawaan berat :
Beras atau bahan makanan padat lainnya. Intinya, barang terberat harus terletak di atas garis pinggul dan di bawah garis bahu,

Bawaan yang lebih ringan :
Lapisi bagian bawaan berat dengan barang-barang yang lebih ringan seperti : pakaian, makanan ringan, alat masak, gloves, topi, dsb.

Bagian teratas :
Kuncinya : Easy Access! Barang-barang seperti handphone, senter, sapu tangan, GPS, extra baterai, dll.

Travel smart, pack smart, walk further, explore more !




Tips Berburu Tiket Murah untuk Liburanmu Selanjutnya (English)

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Tips Berburu Tiket Murah untuk Liburanmu Selanjutnya (English) image

We've almost reached the end of the year and almost every traveler already plan their next adventure to end 2016 with more meaningful about you? are you going’ somewhere fellas? tell us on comment section below

have booked your flight ticket? we wanna share 5 tips about how to got a best deals for flight Ticket by

1. Search for deals in the morning. Early morning is the time you'll see the most deals,

2. Sign up for free alerts from With this site, you'll get pinged when prices fall and receive some excellent deals.

3. Fly out early. The first flight of the morning is usually the cheapest.

4. Check Flight Social Media. Airlines have been experimenting with blasting fares via social media, But you have to be fast: Some deals can be gone within hours. 
5. Chase the fare, not the destination. Kayak's explore tool ( is useful for searching multiple airline fares at a time.

hope it’s gonna be useful tips for all of you fellas. happy traveling and don’t forget to Let’s Go GET Lost With GET Dailygear.




Rekomendasi Wisata di Yogyakarta a la GET Dailygear

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Rekomendasi Wisata di Yogyakarta a la GET Dailygear image

have you checked the calendar?
Tanggal 12 Desember nanti ternyata berwarna merah lho, yang artinya Long Weekend is Coming!

sudah merencanakan dengan keluarga?teman/ pacar untuk menghabiskan long weekend esok?

Dalam #GDGTravelingTips kali ini, kami akan memberikan info "5 Places you should visit on this long weekend"

1. Desa WIsata Kalibiru di Yogyakarta. Pasti kalian pernah melihat salah satu teman kalian memposting foto disini, keren kan? kalo belum berkunjung, segera kunjungi Traveler

2.Situ patenggang, di Kabupaten Bandung. New Zealand wanna be, tempat relaksasi paling asyik menurut GDG karena suasananya masih sangat asri sehingga sangat baik untuk me-refresh diri.

3. Hutan Mangrove di Wonorejo Surabaya, Bagi Traveler yang sangat menyukai alam bebas, ini destinasi yang sangat cocok untuk dikunjungi .

4. Pantai Batu Bengkung di Malang. banyak orang bilang, fenomena sunset sangat terlihat indah di pantai batu bangkung ini. kami jadi penasaran.

5. Pantai Pandawa atau pantai kutuh di Bali. Fenomena pasir putihnya membuat pantai ini menjadi salah satu destinasi wisata di Bali favorit. selain itu suasana pantainya sepi, dan bersih

Jadi segeralah tentukan destinasinya Traveler. bagi kalian yang mempunyai destinasi favorit lainnya, silahkan sharing pada kolom comment dibawah yah.

Happy Traveling Dude!




Tips Hemat Baterai Handphone saat Traveling

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Tips Hemat Baterai Handphone saat Traveling image

Having troubles with your smartphone's battery life while #travelling?

We found out that this is common problem travellers faced, so we gonna give you some tips about how to save your battery life on travels.


  1. Turn off unnecessary application such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  2. Avoid opening social media apps for a while
  3. If your phone have a power saving mode, just simply turn it on
  4. Charge up with an accessory, such as Power bank
  5. Stick on your phone to the charger everytime you see the power outlet
  6. Use black wallpaper to avoiding too much power consumption

Hope those #tips are useful for you guys!, happy #weekend, and #letsgogetlost




Wisata Alam di Bandung? Let's Go !

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Wisata Alam di Bandung? Let's Go ! image

Hello Traveler,
Some people said that bandung is one of the best town to visit in Indonesia. For any of you who've got a plan to visit bandung, we got 5 #travellingdestination to places you can visit in our lovely Bandung

here’s the #tips that we quotes from

1. If you want to chill in an exquisite atmosphere : Lawang Wangi Cafe & Art Space

2. Bandung's unique and instagramable hotels such as Malaka Hotel / summerbird hotels / oliver’s hostelry

3. A House on the top of waterfall at SItu Patenggang.

4. Lay your eyes on the Magnificent javanese niagara: Curug Malela

5. Take a boat ride or cross the love bridge at situ cileunca

great huh? so let’s escape to #Bandung for a while!




Tips Phone-ography untuk Traveler (English)

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Tips Phone-ography untuk Traveler (English) image

Hello, #GDGTravellingTips is back again with some tips to improve your phone photography knowledge quoted from @iphonesia

1. Avoid using your built-in smartphone flash. Smartphone flash tends to give bad color temperature

2. Capture close to object. Smartphone camera has a built in small sensor that provide wide depth of field so the object gets more focus

3. Avoid to use the smartphone's zoom-in feature, it will degrade the photo's quality

4. Keep your lens clean from dust/scratch. We tend to put our smartphone on our shirt/pants pockets, and it often makes our phone's camera dirty, degrading the quality of pictures taken

5. Try editing your photos taken with image editor apps. Apps that have manual editing feature is better, so we can get the ideal results rather that editing with template filter tone




Hotel Paling Instagrammable dan Affordable Pilihan GET Dailygear (English)

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Hotel Paling Instagrammable dan Affordable Pilihan GET Dailygear (English) image

Nowadays social media is pretty essential to people's daily life. One of the most accessed social media is Instagram, where many people try to upload their best pictures.

One of the pretty common place that people took picture of is Hotel. You can search with hashtag #hotel and there are more than 12 billion picture taken there.

we're gonna give you some #GDGTravelDestination about some of the most instragrammable hotels in Indonesia

1. @greenhosthotel in Yogyakarta. Located just a 15-minute drive from the iconic Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta, the place is so cozy, and many good spot for taking photos. Beside that, the facility also best!

2. @malakahotel, located in Bandung. Many people say this is the kinfolk hotel, and there’s also nice cafe there, where you can take good photos while chilling with friends and family

3. @summerbirdhotel, also located in bandung, this is one of our favourite hotel. not just only a good place, it also have a good food to eat, you must try when you travel to Bandung

And thats top 3 hotel in Indonesia that GDG recommend, enjoy the review. and #letsgogetlost with #getdailygear