Hotel Paling Instagrammable dan Affordable Pilihan GET Dailygear (English)

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Hotel Paling Instagrammable dan Affordable Pilihan GET Dailygear (English) image

Nowadays social media is pretty essential to people's daily life. One of the most accessed social media is Instagram, where many people try to upload their best pictures.

One of the pretty common place that people took picture of is Hotel. You can search with hashtag #hotel and there are more than 12 billion picture taken there.

we're gonna give you some #GDGTravelDestination about some of the most instragrammable hotels in Indonesia

1. @greenhosthotel in Yogyakarta. Located just a 15-minute drive from the iconic Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta, the place is so cozy, and many good spot for taking photos. Beside that, the facility also best!

2. @malakahotel, located in Bandung. Many people say this is the kinfolk hotel, and there’s also nice cafe there, where you can take good photos while chilling with friends and family

3. @summerbirdhotel, also located in bandung, this is one of our favourite hotel. not just only a good place, it also have a good food to eat, you must try when you travel to Bandung

And thats top 3 hotel in Indonesia that GDG recommend, enjoy the review. and #letsgogetlost with #getdailygear