Tips Berburu Tiket Murah untuk Liburanmu Selanjutnya (English)

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Tips Berburu Tiket Murah untuk Liburanmu Selanjutnya (English) image

We've almost reached the end of the year and almost every traveler already plan their next adventure to end 2016 with more meaningful about you? are you going’ somewhere fellas? tell us on comment section below

have booked your flight ticket? we wanna share 5 tips about how to got a best deals for flight Ticket by

1. Search for deals in the morning. Early morning is the time you'll see the most deals,

2. Sign up for free alerts from With this site, you'll get pinged when prices fall and receive some excellent deals.

3. Fly out early. The first flight of the morning is usually the cheapest.

4. Check Flight Social Media. Airlines have been experimenting with blasting fares via social media, But you have to be fast: Some deals can be gone within hours. 
5. Chase the fare, not the destination. Kayak's explore tool ( is useful for searching multiple airline fares at a time.

hope it’s gonna be useful tips for all of you fellas. happy traveling and don’t forget to Let’s Go GET Lost With GET Dailygear.