Tips Hemat Baterai Handphone saat Traveling

Posted by getdailygear
Tips Hemat Baterai Handphone saat Traveling image

Having troubles with your smartphone's battery life while #travelling?

We found out that this is common problem travellers faced, so we gonna give you some tips about how to save your battery life on travels.


  1. Turn off unnecessary application such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  2. Avoid opening social media apps for a while
  3. If your phone have a power saving mode, just simply turn it on
  4. Charge up with an accessory, such as Power bank
  5. Stick on your phone to the charger everytime you see the power outlet
  6. Use black wallpaper to avoiding too much power consumption

Hope those #tips are useful for you guys!, happy #weekend, and #letsgogetlost