Tips Phone-ography untuk Traveler (English)

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Tips Phone-ography untuk Traveler (English) image

Hello, #GDGTravellingTips is back again with some tips to improve your phone photography knowledge quoted from @iphonesia

1. Avoid using your built-in smartphone flash. Smartphone flash tends to give bad color temperature

2. Capture close to object. Smartphone camera has a built in small sensor that provide wide depth of field so the object gets more focus

3. Avoid to use the smartphone's zoom-in feature, it will degrade the photo's quality

4. Keep your lens clean from dust/scratch. We tend to put our smartphone on our shirt/pants pockets, and it often makes our phone's camera dirty, degrading the quality of pictures taken

5. Try editing your photos taken with image editor apps. Apps that have manual editing feature is better, so we can get the ideal results rather that editing with template filter tone