Kegiatan Seru Saat Musim Hujan Datang (English)

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Kegiatan Seru Saat Musim Hujan Datang (English) image

Rainy season has come as we know it, but there are plenty fun things that you can do while the rain pours. Here are 6 fun things you can do on rainy days from GDG #GDGdailytips

1. Hiking while rainy days can be great fun and brings a new perspective to your outdoor adventure. Besides it makes a great story to tell.

2. Go to cinema to watch a movie / stay at home doing movies or tv series marathon, accompanied by a cup of hot tea. Serene

3. Photography speaks. Carry a smartphone with good megapixels loaded in it. You can put them all to use on a rainy day. Colors scream at you from far away on rainy day. Locations get more scenic, monuments look more artsy, and streets offer several vantage points

4. Visit places which are more beatiful or are still beautiful during the rainy day. While the sky may be gray and gloomy, the mountains and fields are greener and more vibrant, and waterfalls are more majestic

5. Enjoy the cafe and coffee bar. in rainy day, how wonderful it is to seat in a nice coffee shop, tasting your fav espresso or cappuccino.

6. Spend a whole day in the library / book store. Catch up some journal writing, surround yourself with chill out music, and delicious food.

There are 6 #GDGDailyTips about fun things that you can do on rainy days. and Don’t let your belongings get wet.

Armed yourself with rain gear, like rain coat, and #GET Raincover for your backpack. 

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Rekomendasi Tempat Ngopi di Bandung (English)

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Rekomendasi Tempat Ngopi di Bandung (English) image

Nowadays, coffee is part of lifestyle, even those who don't love coffee could spent hours in coffeshop, doing other than enjoying the good coffee itself. In Indonesia especially in Bandung, there are many coffeeshop that's worth some visits.

#GDGTravelDestination is back to show 3 Good PlacesTo Sip Coffee -And Chill in Bandung
. So here they are :

1. located in jalan Anggrek 46 Bandung, this coffeeshop is not hard to find, and it has a really cozy atmosphere with good internet connection, so you can do many things here.

2. @sejiwacoffee located in jalan Progo no.15 it’s new coffeeshop and suddenly become viral in social media, because they have not only good coffee selection but also a really instagram-able place.

3. @mimiticoffee Located in Setiabudi area, Bandung, Mimiti Coffee & Space is currently one of the new and hypest coffee shop in town. The coffeeshop has a spacious outdoor area and several seats indoor, inside there is a small section of clothing display. We are able to choose to sit in the outdoor area under the shade of trees, it was pretty breezy and cool even though it was already around noon.

Hope you enjoy our content, and don’t forget tp bring our GET Legian as your companion while enjoying the coffee, Traveler.